Hawthorne partners with institutional investors and family offices to acquire multifamily properties on a direct, non-fund basis.

  • Hawthorne Residential ranks #1 for the highest online reputation (ORA score) out of all NMHC Top 50 Companies
  • 40%+ of Hawthorne’s portfolio is in the ORA Elite 1%
  • Industry-leading Resident Satisfaction Survey scores

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We have been investing with Hawthorne for over 10 years in more than 70 transactions and have realized outsized returns.  These returns are driven by Hawthorne’s strong corporate culture, expertise borne of decades of multifamily experience and creative problem solving.

Steve Swiatkewicz Midway Investors

Investing with Hawthorne Residential is unique in that they are consistently exceeding our expectations.  Not only are projects done on time, on budget, and profitable, but the assets themselves are completed to standards that aren’t being achieved in the market.  Every detail is meticulously thought through, every material is tastefully selected, and every team member is attentive and helpful.  They create assets that we feel proud to own.  We couldn’t ask for a better group to invest with!

David Cotterman Co-founder, Drake Real Estate Partners

I started my own private equity firm 11 years ago and have since purchased $1 billion of multifamily assets. And all 6 of my Hawthorne-managed deals outperformed the assets I bought in markets where Hawthorne didn’t have a footprint.  Shop 10 properties in a sub-market and you will quickly see what makes Hawthorne stand apart. It’s the people.  I’ve glimpsed how they foster their culture and all I can say is that someone needs to write a book about it.

Adam Cohen President of Spyglass Capital

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Hawthorne manages over 150 multifamily communities for third-party clients. Let’s discuss how we can positively impact your portfolio and bottom line.

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